What I do

I love to create busts and figures, from fantasy creatures to science fiction characters, my goal is to give shape to your ideas and turn them into miniatures.

If you have something different in mind and you would like me to work on it I am open to new fields of work and I will be happy to hear your proposal.

I am available for you, whether you are a company or an individual.

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How I do it

Each figure is different from the previous one, but I follow the same creative process to take them from concept to a finished figure ready to be 3D printed.
Take a look at my workflow to get an idea of how the whole process will be:

01. Concept

Definition of the pose, composition and detail of the project from an original concept, references or background.

02. Posing

Using as a reference the poses chosen in the conceptualization, I will dedicate all my energy to achieve the most attractive and charismatic pose possible.

03. Blocking

Development of non-organic elements such as clothing, weapons, accessories and the environment. Finding their volumes and position defined during the conceptualization.

04. Anatomy

With the pose well defined and the elements in place, it's time for one of my favorite parts, the sculpting of our character's face and anatomy.

05. Details

We take the whole figure to the next level, detailing each of the parts to get the best possible figure.

06. Cuts

Now our figure is finished it is time to prepare it to be 3D printed, sealing, cutting and fixing the necessary parts to ensure the highest quality for production.

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